Client References

As HR Director, I was charged with staffing a rapidly growing organization. TalentHunter played multiple roles in helping me to continue to build the organization. They not only provided me with well-screened, high caliber candidates, but they also provided sound business advice on job role definition, organizational structures and staff retention issues. I felt that TalentHunter was a true partner to our executive team and me. They always seemed to be interested in finding the best answer for our organization, not always relying on the easiest or the most profitable solution for them. For me, this has been a rare find in my experience in working with outside recruiters. “When I moved into a new role as HR Director at another company, it was an easy decision to invite TalentHunter to help me in my staffing endeavors here. This is a small start-up as well, and again TalentHunter has helped us to think through some of our organization structure issues”, playing devils advocate at times and sharing "best practices" they have seen in there extensive experience with other companies. In summary, as far as finding good candidates, TalentHunter is your team. Even with very little information, TalentHunter has the instinct to somehow find exactly what you are looking for. They will send a few, very focused and relevant candidates, they do not paper you with resumes. But as I mentioned, with TalentHunter you get much more than "just filling a position", you get business advice, which is really a value added service to working with TalentHunter.

Michelle Hayes
Director of Human Resources

Although I have been doing business with you since 1998, I felt it important that I take the time to write and commend you for the fine job you have done in filling my vacancies over the last year. I have been working especially closely with you since October of 1998, and now that the years have passed I have reflected on the type of service you have provided and thought it a good time to let you know how effective you have been. Al, you are highly motivated to find the prefect fit for our organization. You have taken the time to research both our organization and the type of candidates we look for in order to find those candidates for us. You helped turn hard to staff positions into successful hires. Once you have made the placement you do not become invisible. You stay on top of things by calling periodically to ensure that all is going well with both the manager and the employee and you are always willing to find a solution should there be a problem. You are a pleasure to work with Al, and your sensitivity to customer service sends a signal to me that Management Recruiters of McLean is setting the kinds of example that we set here at Veridian.

James J. Bolton

I would not have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished without you in my corner. Never having had recruiting on my plate, I felt I had a tremendous advantage the day you stepped into my office, unexpectedly, to introduce yourself and advice me of the services you could provide in helping fill the 28 positions I had staring me in face. As you know, with your help and support, our company has grown from 23 employees to 42 since the move to our new space. My managers and I thank you very much for all your advice, input, constructive criticism and constant push to keep us focused on the big picture. You bring an immense wealth of knowledge to us non-recruiters and it is truly appreciated. I look forward in working with you as we continue the hunt for that 'Big Gun' developer, eBusiness Analysts and IS Manager. Working with you is not only a learning experience, it is also a true pleasure. I do not know who your Manager is but I would appreciate your forwarding a copy of this e-mail to said person.

Andrea O. Moreno
Human Resources Director

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